Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Culture Shock

LOUISBURG--A mobile home was driven down State Highway 64 yesterday, while Louisburg residents turned out of their houses to watch.  One witness, who identified herself as Sam, said "I looked out and there was a house parked outside our house.  So I came out to look."  She then went on to recount the number of vehicles involved in the move:  a black pick up truck in the lead, then the mobile home on its trailer truck, followed by two more pick up trucks.  Another Louisburg resident standing next to Sam, who identified herself as Melody, said that the guys in the blue pick up were "totally checking us out.  I think they were looking at my socks."

In other related news, two dogs owned by the new people in the yellow house escaped when the front door was inadvertently left open during the excitement of the mobile home delivery coming through town.  The woman, Melinda N., who brought the dogs to Louisburg originally, saw her dogs running across the highway from the front porch of long-term resident, Polly V., and gave chase.  She was joined by several other residents, notably the guy in the pumpkin colored house who is married to that blond woman with the volunteer fire department, who ultimately caught the bigger of the two dogs, and Annie, who took the dog by the collar and drug the dog back to the owner's home.

Farm Report:  Polly V. has more tomatoes than she can eat, so come get them.  Sue's garden is mostly done for the year, thanks to the groundhogs, raccoons, and the heat wave  in early to mid August.

Science News:  A green tree frog was spotted clinging to the wall of the small house that used to be a garage behind the yellow house with the new people in it.  According to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources, green tree frogs were native to the bootheel section of Missouri, and recently established a population in Camden County.  This may be the first confirmed sighting of a green tree frog in Dallas County.

That's all the news from Louisburg, Missouri.  Good night and God bless.

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